Monday, February 22, 2010

February's Walk

Winter's beauty.....

Frozen fog clinging to trees....

The setting sun of a full day, glowing bright in love.

No fresh inspiration for the day.
No earth shattering insight to ponder.
No great "next thing" to grasp, understand.
No breakthrough I've been anticipating.
No new delicious morsels to nurish the soul.

Just the filling words of life I love. Read again and again. Dear friends of old. Comforting. Healing. Loving. Seeming new as I read them with anticipation, knowing what the next words are. Familiar becoming fresh. Reminders of who He is, of His love. Gratitude. Always gratitude in the remembering.

holy experience


Jenny said...

Beautiful pictures; capturing Him in all His glory!

Annesta said...

Yours is a most thoughtful list and inspiring post! The pictures paint lovely pictures of the Creators love for the created and your poem speaks volumes of the depth of your faith.
blessings to you

Wanda Stricklin Robertson said...

Breath-taking photos! Loved it.