Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years and The Past

How funny to look back and realize all that has past since I last blogged. My how the days are full of life! After many travels in the fall, from Rolla, MO to Harrodsburg, KY, our days quickly filled with Anniversary, holidays and birthdays. It was a good season. (Even in the respect that my precious Granna was admitted into the hospital for a few days with a nasty virus, God's goodness has continued to renew her strength little by little.)

I am pondering on prayer these days. The importance of it, the rhythm of daily stops for it, and just what to say.......I'm tiring of the littleness of my prayers and, honestly, the flatness of them. I want to be a little servant with big faith. Mountains can move if they must, I just want to pray the heart of my Father.

School tends to move along well. Why does it seem that I can't fit in the things that are so important to me like fine arts & classical music and somehow view them as optional? Oh to be stirred by the beauty of God inspired art and music! It sets the soul to dance with wonder and happiness. I am choosing this year to be more intentional in this. We are going to The Kimball Art Museum on Wed! We are looking forward to it!

Well, today is a new day.....and I'm glad. I love the newness of the year and how fresh it seems. I'm so thankful for a new start. Whether it is the new year or a new day, I'm so grateful to begin again. This poor soul desperately needs it!

His mercies are new every morning,

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Chelle said...

I'm so glad your Grandmother is doing better and so get the prayer life situation...I want a fresh, new, growing, and vibrant life with Him.