Monday, December 7, 2009

Choosing Thanks

Snow covered travels to Maine in mid-October.....looking back on a dream trip and remembering His loveliness in that part of the world. I find my mind drifting pack to the places we saw, quickly seasons change and yet feel like eternity when walking through them.....

Looking forward to putting this puzzle together soon......childhood happy memories.....the puzzle encourages me to remember the good, the happy.

This beckons me to curl up in the favorite blanket that must feel like being nestled in His lap.

~for tea time and boys who remember it daily

~ladies who will gather at my home today for what I hope will be rest and comfort....a pause in this season and refocus

~for the children who will attend with them and their little voices of joy that will create laughter

~for the bloodline of Christ that wasn't made up of perfect people, but ones who chose faith and walked by it

~for choosing thanks in today in the difficult situations of life that seem to grasp, choke, squelch

holy experience

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