Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rays of Light

Rays of light bursting through the clouds, pushing it's way solid through the air. These are the only straight lines in the natural world, I'm told. I believe it. Light. Strong. Directional.

Weather vane in the fading light. I couldn't help but smile. Although this was decoration....well, I don't know, maybe it works......it's function is to show direction of wind. Directional, again.

One leads....one reacts. Both reveal........hmm.....

My boys. Definitely light in my days. Direction for my life, giving me a whole new purpose. Love poured out so genuinely that I am drenched with it. Life full of sweetness and the tough. Grateful for how different they are, but both the same in spirit, more man than boy. Warriors for a new generation and bringing strength of heart to the weary. My heart so grateful that they love.......they love Him and are growing in His ways.

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