Thursday, April 8, 2010

Walking on a Thursday

The days seem full. Walking toward Easter. Imagining the road He walked the days before and the vast range of emotion that must have accompanied Him slows my racing mind. Those walking with Him didn't understand, though I'm sure they tried. They loved Him. I love Him.

I'm walking a road I wouldn't have chosen for myself. It's a road where I just can't seem to see the path, the direction. My feet feel the rocky bits. I stumble. I look ahead. Walk a rough road. But it's good. Why don't I associate the hard also with the good? Walking even when the plans that are carefully carved out vanish can be so heavy. And yet, I must walk.

Revelation 21:5
And He who sits on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new."

Spring is hinting she may stay. I am caught up in the light of this season. The long shadows becoming a bit brighter, shorter. The summer is closer than expected. The air gives her secret away. Newness of life is bursting out daily. I watch. Trees in a neighbor's yard bud. Sticks begin to clothe themselves in a green dress and dance in the March winds howling into April.

Busy bee doing what it does. Work. There's more pollen than it could ever carry. Does it ever feel overwhelmed by the work to be done? Does it ever enjoy the flower it visits? The tasks of life for the, gather pollen, make honey.....yet there is so much more. It glorifies The Almighty. The Creator. Ancient of Days. Bees have been glorifying Him daily throughout the centuries, by just being bees.

The flowering tree. I look long, admire. Flowers first, then leaves. Showy, delicate flowers lasting but a breath, then leaves growing large. Not as lovely. I don't look as long. Leaves almost invade. Contrast in texture and color. I miss the flowers. I want to smell the delightful fragrance and enjoy the intriquite petals, pieces.

Then I realize, although they are lovely, beautiful and inspiring, flowers are temporary for reasons The Creator fully knows. Flowers can't shade on a hot summer day when rest is needed, a pause while walking a rough road. I need rest under a shade tree from the long journey. It's not that the flowers aren't needed, they are a little delight from our Maker. A gift. A temoprary gift to enjoy. How wonderful these happy faces of all kinds of flowers changing throughout the year bursting forth loveliness in cresendo! The symphony of spring heard in the breeze, felt in the air.

New life! Abundant! The apparent death of the earth, waiting in cold days of winter, wandering in grayness, hoping for spring. New life. Where are you? Then, unexpectedly, it happens. Little buds of new life emerge. The waiting is over.

Three days must have felt like months to those reeling from the crucifixion of their Beloved. Going to the tomb and it's emptiness misunderstood. There was LIFE! Life emerged! Emptiness of the tomb meant new life? A heart can't always comprehend the truth of the moment. Hurts fight to hold their ground while new life has emerged. Resurrection from the dead, the truth of new life. And He, the Saviour of the world, walked the bitter road, rested under the leafy tree, admired the loveliness of His Father, gave thanks, continual thanks, and gave all the more......Himself. But He didn't stop there.....He brought new life, abundant, full, overflowing. He is here with us, Emmanuel, to walk this road ahead that we might follow, rest under the shade from The Tree Of Life, refreshed. Never alone.

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Dianne said...

Beautiful post. I love your photography. What a talent from God.

Amy said...

Beautiful!! You capture the journey so well.