Saturday, October 11, 2008


As I was reading my many tidbits from blogs this morning, I was caught by this word, "wonder." How wonder grabs us, our attention. It takes over the entire body, our thoughts, our perspective. I never really thought about that before. I am sitting in my HAPPY room with it's smiling walls of yellow and I am taken with this WONDER, this new perspective of this emotion, and, I'm grateful. I want to live my life in WONDER. It's part of the main reason I scrapbook. To remember, to live a life of thankfulness spurs me on in my page making. I love taking photos to capture this WONDER, whether it's on the faces of my children or in a sunset nestling in it's place in the rolling hills on the horizon. I especially love finding myself being overwhelmed with it as I pour through the pages of scripture. WONDER is on every page......I just miss it most days due to being consumed with daily tasks of dishes, grocery lists, or just, painfully, myself........Oh, to have WONDER wrap itself around me and turn my chin to the One who thrills my heart with life in this way!

Life is good. Life is wonder. And, I love it.....

Have a wonder filled day~Jules

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